Take Control of Your Ford Mustang with Active Performance Exhaust Audio

When you enter our Sunnyvale Ford showroom you will be looking for the best options open to you in the Ford Mustang. Along with making your decision between the 2.3-liter EcoBoost, the 5.0-liter GT or Bullitt, or the 5.2-liter Shelby engine you can enjoy taking control of your exhaust.

Every engine option comes with the Active Performance Exhaust Audio option that can give your car the loudest roar you have heard from a Mustang. The Ford Mustang includes this impressive new feature that pushes your exhaust to the maximum in the sports mode that allows your car to be heard across Sunnyvale, CA.

The Active Performance Exhaust Audio feature does not simply move your Ford Mustang from normal noise levels too much louder but it can lower the exhaust output to a minimum. This quiet start feature is a popular option for arriving and leaving your work environment when you want to look professional with a whisper-quiet exhaust volume.

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