A Ford Flex is Built for Family Trips and Business Routines

The most popular cars have elements that appeal to different types of consumers. If you need an SUV that has something for family adventures and business tasks, the Ford Flex is a great choice.

If you travel with your family in a Ford Flex, everyone will appreciate its comfortable seats. Each seat has rich leather upholstery, soft plush cushioning, and a large supportive headrest. The folding seats in the second and third row provide benefits during business trips. If you ever need to transport boxes of paperwork to an office, you can store everything in the cabin without producing clutter by folding down all of the seats or certain seats.

The easiest way to examine these features is by visiting a local dealership that sells Ford vehicles. In Sunnyvale, CA, you can hop in a Ford Flex at Sunnyvale Ford. We sell new and used cars by Ford and provide test drives.

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