What a vehicle can do is one of the most common reasons for choosing the vehicle. The 2019 Ford Escape SUV is one of the vehicles that are looked at from the Sunnyvale Ford inventory based on what it can do for the customer. There are a lot of abilities that the Escape has.

The first thing people often look at when looking at a vehicle is how well it drives. The Ford Escape has an intelligent 4WD system which makes it easier for people to keep their vehicle under control when they are out on various road conditions.

People also choose the 2019 Ford Escape for what it can tow. The Towing capacity of the 2019 Ford Escape is an astounding 3,400 lbs. This enables you to carry a large number of items in the case you are going to be traveling around. You can take this out for a test drive to see what it can do.

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