Ford Fusion Hybrid Design Features

Optimum performance and economical efficiency meet in the Ford Fusion Hybrid, a car that you can drive with a go-green conscience. Equipped with a smart gauge, the Hybrid boasts two modes: Empower and Engage. In the engage mode, you see the engine and lithium-ion battery powers. The empower mode shows you all of that plus a classic gasoline gauge and how much power you need for acceleration.

The Ford Fusion Hybrid comes with numerous exterior perks, like a rear-view camera to make reverse driving an easier, accident-free task. There’s also a lane-keeping system to help you hold steady while on interstates and highways.

At Sunnyvale Ford in Sunnyvale, CA, we love the idea of saving the planet with a go-green car like the Ford Fusion Hybrid. However, we understand that owning a hybrid is a big step. So, feel free to come down for a test drive to see if the Hybrid is the right one for you.

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