How Much Cargo Can Comfortably Fit in the Ford Flex?

One of the principal factors involved in a decision to purchase a full-size SUV is the cargo room. Recent surveys of SUV owners show that cargo space is a primary point and that full-size SUV owner’s always wish for more, except those who own a Ford Flex. Whether you are shopping in Sunnyvale, CA or carrying cargo between communities, cargo space is a premium quality of the Ford Flex.

The Ford Flex offers a total cargo area of 83.2 cubic feet—more than a pickup truck. If you are carrying passengers in the second row as well, then the available cargo area reduces to 43.2 cubic feet, and with the third row of seats in use, there is still 20 cubic feet remaining for cargo.

Come to Sunnyvale Ford and see our demonstration of the incredible amount of cargo space in the Ford Flex.

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