Discover Two Types of Air Filters in Your Car

Who doesn't like a breath of fresh air? Nobody likes to take a deep breath and get a foul stench or a mouthful of dust, and your car is no different. But the outside air is full of different particulates and pollutants that can get into your lungs, not to mention your car's motor. This is prevented by two different types of air filters found in your vehicle, the engine air filter and the cabin air filter.

Here at Sunnyvale Ford, we status and service both types of air filters. The engine air filter helps scrub the air pulled in from the outside before it is used in your engine. The cabin air filter takes in air from the outside or from in the cabin and helps clean it before using it in the AC or heat. If either is dirty, it can greatly reduce the quality of air being used.

Ensure you are breathing in the cleanest air possible, and that your engine has the air flow it needs to operate effectively, by bringing it into our Sunnyvale service station for air filter service today.

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