DIY Headlight Cleaning & Restoration

When driving in a well-lit city or suburb, the dimming of the intensity of your car’s headlights overtime due to the deterioration of the clear plastic in your headlight assembly might go unnoticed until you head out of the city on a trip. Eventually the plastic can become yellowed, scratched, or cloudy which will block the light produced by the bulbs. To restore the intensity of your headlights to factory condition, the eroded surface of the plastic must be polished away properly to give a new clear surface for light to shine through.

Although professional solutions are likely the best, there are a few home-based approaches to polishing the plastic in headlight assemblies. Toothpaste, insect repellent with DEET, sandpaper and abrasive polishes have all been claimed to successfully restore the surface of headlights. Caution is advised when testing these options as over abrasion especially with sandpaper or polishes can ruin the plastic and require replacement of the entire assembly.

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