Choosing Between Front-Wheel or Rear-Wheel Drive

When you come to Sunnyvale Ford in Sunnyvale, CA to select your next vehicle, we find the most satisfied customers are those who make the effort to become informed about the different features their new vehicle offers. One of the most popular topics of conversation is the debate between front-wheel drive or rear-wheel drive vehicles.

Your personal driving style and the conditions you commonly drive in will influence whether front-wheel(FWD) or rear-wheel(RWD) will best meet your needs. Rear-wheel drive is rugged enough to take rough road abuse without requiring expensive repairs, providing drivers with better balance and increased handling. Most sports models are RWD. The biggest drawback is less traction when the road is wet.

Front-wheel drive has fewer parts, making it more economical, providing better gas mileage. It offers better traction on the road in snow, rain or slick conditions because it pulls your vehicle rather than pushing it.

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