Ford Escape: Versatile Crossover SUV For Family Trips

The Ford Escape is a crossover SUV that offers a good blend of strong performance and efficiency. Available in four editions, this compact vehicle is ideal for families taking road trips and commutes in Sunnyvale.

The signature Intelligent 4WD system is a robust mechanical feature that's installed in the Escape. Linked to precise sensors that scan the ground multiple times each second, this dynamic drivetrain guarantees steady traction. Also linked to sensors that monitor the road, the innovative Curve Control applies extra braking force to overcome sudden G-forces. Additionally, the Torque Vectoring Control transfers the appropriate amount of torque to each wheel.

You can ask Sunnyvale Ford about the Ford Escape's towing capabilities and optional packages. For example, the Class II Trailer Tow Package has a maximum rating of 3,500 pounds. You'll need to select a model that runs on the 2.0 L EcoBoost turbocharged engine to benefit from the package.

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