The Ford Edge is turning heads with its latest lineup. All new trims, new standard performance power, and driver safety features make it one of the top midsize SUVs on the market from the American manufacturer. The 2019 Edge comes with two engines standard, including a turbocharged four-cylinder engine with a 2.0 liter and EcoBoost. This engine is quite efficient, allowing for up to 29 mpg on the highway.

However, it’s even more impressive with the Ford Edge ST. The ST is the higher trim that comes with a V6 and eight-speed automatic. This beast-like engine puts out 335 horsepower and 380 pound-feet of torque. The four-cylinder engine is great for fuel efficiency, however. Drivers state that both vehicles easily take on turns and winding roads.

You can expect more from your SUV. Why not try out the Ford Edge? You can see the 2019 models when you head to Sunnyvale Ford located in Sunnyvale, CA.

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