Affordable and Versatile: The 2018 Ford Focus

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This easy to maneuver vehicle is full of innovative amenities and offers additional packages that can give you added luxury that you may be looking for in a car. The 2018 Ford Focus not only has different options that range from sedans to hatchbacks, but there are available features like the Active Park Assist that you may enjoy, as well as the available Titanium Technology Package that offers something extra for your travels.

If you opt for the Active Park Assist feature for your 2018 Ford Focus, you will be able to enjoy an innovative system that can assist you with parking your compact vehicle. Do you need to parallel park for work or running errands? It will be a breeze with this amenity that can essentially do a lot of the navigating for you! Just follow the commands (like changing gears), and you will get into your space smoothly.

If you want additional advanced technology to relish in, then take a look at the Titanium Technology Package. If you get this package, you have the ability to use features like blind-spot monitoring, automatic high beams, and more. These features will help with visibility for a variety of driving circumstances. Likewise, you will get alerts if you begin to drift into another lane with the Lane-Keeping Alert feature that you can get with this package.

If you want to get to know more about the 2018 Ford Focus, talk with one of our associates at Sunnyvale Ford Lincoln.

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